A Christmas Wish…List

a christmas wish...list

The season of merriment and giving is quite literally around the proverbial corner. Ive been asked umpteen times what I would like for Christmas and so here it is in all its hopeful glory. My Christmas with list…a girl can dream. For stomping through the snow in the new year, these Dubarry Galway boots now […]

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Lunch at Station Kitchen West Bay

on board the station kitchen west bay

All aboard! Grab a cup of tea folks, this is a bit of a long one. Full steam ahead, we are headed for a delightful lunch at the Station Kitchen in beautiful West Bay. West Bay Now to get the star struck element out of the way, some of you may recognise West Bay as somewhat […]

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Spring Picnic at the Beach

serving salad at the beach picnic

The days are officially longer with the happy arrival of lighter, brighter evenings. The temperature is sneaking into the low to mid teens and there is the definite promise of spring, dare I even say summer, in the air. At this time of year we are all chomping at the bit to get ourselves out […]

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Pretty Easter Table & Party Decoration tips

easter table

Easter is upon us. It’s time to put up the bunting, warm the hot cross buns and have a jolly good time. I put together a rather dreamy Easter table earlier this week. Am I alone when it comes to practising decorations? When I was younger my mother used to entertain my propensity for needing to […]

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La Mer Glossybox

La Mer Glossybox contents on mirror tray

Some people think it’s lucky to win the lottery, but for those of us in know, well, we just know luck was ALL about getting your hands on the La Mer Glossybox. It’s all about perspective I guess. And from where I stand, I’m feeling pretty lucky. La Mer Glossybox I have been following the beautiful Paula […]

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Opa! It’s all Greek to Me

Grilled halloumi

Something rather tasty has made its way beyond the borders of our great capital city. The Real Greek, is a delicious chain of Greek restaurants bringing delights from the Aegean to our dinner tables, with a hearty glug of Ouzo and Opa! to boot. Whilst visiting my dearest friend in Hampshire, he recommended The Real […]

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