Dim Sum and Then Some at Yauatcha! Delicious Dining in Soho

Dim sum and then some

After a fun filled day out in the city with my main hombre, we found ourselves hungry and in Soho. No problem. This colourful part of London boasts an army of eateries, take your pick! We chose to say hello, or rather, Ni Hao to Yauatcha. A delicious chinese tea and dim sum dining experience I just have to share with you.


Yauatcha is a beautiful, contemporary chinese dim sum and tea house. There are several restaurants in the group, which extends all over the world, who specialise in contemporary cantonese cuisine, but also offer a happy collection of european inspired patisseries which utilise traditional Asian ingredients. It is fusion food at it’s most delicate and beautiful.

asian fusion food pastries and pretty cakes


The bestie and I plonked ourselves down on a set of low chairs in the low lit restaurant and decided to order a tasting menu. We made a few swaps (as we always do) and shortly began sipping on delicate jasmine tea, poured from a beautiful duck egg blue teapot.

yauatcha restaurant soho

duck egg blue teapot

The food arrived quickly and was beautifully presented. Service was attentive without being intrusive, exactly how I like it.

The restaurant had a very Soho cool vibe, but wasn’t at all pretentious. The lighting, decor and furnishings were all beautifully curated and equally comfortable.

Now forgive my ignorance, but I’ll have to let the food do the talking. I’m not eloquent enough to describe the utter taste sensation the different dishes offered. All that I can assure you is that they tasted fresh, balanced and completely outstanding. Please do go and try for yourselves.

We opted for the Taste of Yauatcha Menu, a tasting menu which showcases some of the delicious foods available.

Taste of Yauatcha Menu

Har Gau

Har gur crystal dumplings

Crystal Dumpling Wrap with pumpkin

pumpkin dumplings

Baked Venison puff ( we made a swap for a fried vegetarian dumpling) & Mushroom spring roll with black truffle. Trust me, it was amazing!

dim sum and then sum

Phoenix crown black pepper dumpling

phoenix brown paper dumpling

Prawn and beancurd cheung fun

prawn and bean curd

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken and shrimp

sticky rice with lotus leaf

Your choice of Chinese tea

Chinese tea being poured from blue teapot

And if after all of these delights you have even an inch of space left, you can indulge in one of these truly beautiful pastries. They are sweet art and almost too pretty to eat…almost

red rose cakes

chocolate tarts

pretty pastries and blossom at Yauatcha Soho

pretty macaroons at Yauatcha Soho

I’m ashamed to say O don’t manage to sample any of these delights. I simply overate at lunch and couldn’t fit another bite in. I’m undefeated though, I will return for a sweet frenzy and sample as many as possible. All in the name of research and reporting back to you of course. I consider it my public duty!

Do make time to visit if you find yourself in the area. You won’t regret it.

Amellia Mae


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