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easter table

Easter is upon us. It’s time to put up the bunting, warm the hot cross buns and have a jolly good time.

Easter tablescape

I put together a rather dreamy Easter table earlier this week. Am I alone when it comes to practising decorations? When I was younger my mother used to entertain my propensity for needing to have a “run through” of upcoming festivities. In August she would dutifully ascend into the loft to recover the Christmas decorations so that I could practice putting them up. I just wanted to be sure it would all be ok for the big day.

Ergo, nothing has changed, except I now have to go up and get the decorations. So here is a look at my latest efforts.

Easter table scape with decorative eggs, blossom embellishments

Nothing excites me more then planning a party or event. I’m an awful host, so much so I rarely have gatherings of my own. But I do love to put an event together, all the trimmings and decorations. In another life I would have been an events planner for sure.

meringues on an Italian blue and white spode plate

I spend the year collecting party paraphernalia, which I store in my “party box”. Every time I see a pretty napkin, string of  bunting, or table top decoration, I buy it and put it with my hoard. Most things eventually come in useful and those that don’t have already earned their keep by just being so darned pretty! I mean come on, how could I not buy these bunny ears!

Meri Meri party paper bunny ears

I find that collecting throughout the year means you often have unique and interesting pieces to hand. This is much nicer and less stressful then rushing about just before an event. It means I have a stock to chose from when I am putting something together and I can often re-use and re-purpose items, like the paper balls I hung in the blossom tree, these were from my sisters baby shower almost 2 years ago. Don’t they look darling.

Paper pom pos hung in blossom tree

The pretty stripped tablecloth comes from Ikea. It is in fact several meters of fabric which I have sewn together. Doesn’t it look striking. I just know this is going to get a lot of miles of use this summer.

Bunny ears hat on black and white stripped table cloth

Meri Meri party is a fabulous place to source pretty pieces. I am usually lucky and find a great number of pieces in TK Maxx and Homesense. If you don’t already know about my love affair with these 2 stores, you can read my raptures here.

They sell all manner of occasion items from these darling Egg Hunt kits, to pretty straws and paper rabbit ears.

Easter Egg Hunt kit

Easter Egg Hunt kit

These fun bunny signs were also part of a Meri Meri Egg Hunt kit, but I felt they looked sweeter in my home made table arrangement.

Home made Easter table arrangement

Easter Bunny holding "over here" sign

I simply used some pussy willow branches I already had at home and cut a few branches from my cherry blossom tree. I added to this some painted eggs which I brought last year from Neptune and then a few of the egg hunt mascots from the kit.

This cake plate and dome from Homesense also makes a fun centre piece. I added some paper machè eggs and a little straw to create a poultry piece for the table. Isn’t it eggcelent!

easter table centre piece

My Spode Italian Blue collection comes out for as many occasions as is possible. I adore it. Again it is one of those collections I have added to over the years and enjoy using it in so many different ways.

When my mother last visited she was provided with a pot of tea, real tealeaves and everything! I think she secretly just wanted a good old mug of builders tea, alas I didn’t oblige.

pouring from an Italian Blue Spode teapot



easter table

It is my guilty pleasure to overindulge in adornments and a bit of pomp.

Spode Italian Blue Teapot

Easter table decor

What is your guilty pleasure?

Have a lovely Easter weekend, I hope it’s just eggcellent!


Amellia Mae




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    1. Thank you so much, it’s my Spode collection, I adore it too. Some of it is quite old but some is new, that’s the lovely thing about it, you can just keep adding to the collection.

  1. Your decorations are so pretty! My husband thinks we’re silly for decorating for Easter, but any excuse to spread some pretty pastels around the house! Ours desperately need updated though as most of ours have been kept from when the kids made them several years ago!

    1. How lovely, I think home made are the best, especially if they have sentimental value. I’ll take any excuse to get the bunting out x

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