Silk Pillow Case review; sleeping on cloud 9

soft pink silk pillow case

I recently made a small investment in a silk pillow case and wanted to share the joys of it with you. Spoiler alert- it’s like sleeping on cloud 9.

sleeping on my silk pillow case

I, like many of you, have read my fair share of blog posts about the benefits of having a silk pillowcase. And I’m sure, again like many of you, I have ummed and arred about the price and whether or not it is worth it. So I’m here to settle that argument. In short, yes, it absolutely is!

I invested in my little slice of heaven recently whilst on a visit to John Lewis. I was simply killing time and actually taking in everything in the store, rather then my usual heat seeking missile style, whereby I enter the store on a mission to acquire something very specific. I’m like a shopping ninja. In and out. No mess, no fuss. But luckily not on this day. I was ambling around, somewhat enjoying the freedom to peruse when this flash of soft pink caught my eye.

A pretty pink silk pillowcase delightfully packaged, stretched out on the shelf as if to ask me to buy it. I’m all for fate so I obliged. It was like a flash of inspiration and one that I haven’t regretted for one moment ever since.

john lewis silk pillow case review

Back at base camp, I have unwrapped and indulged in my new found comfort. It is utterly delightful. Everything you imagine and more. I can honestly say I don’t believe that I have ever slept in silk before, and now I am left asking myself, “why on earth not?” Honestly folks, we spend a large proportion of our lives looking at our eyelids, so why not do it in comfort.

The silk pillowcases come in a variety of colours. If you have watched my Youtube video about my spring interior update, you’ll know I have been working towards a specific colour palette in my bedroom recently. Happily good old JL sell a pretty pink silk pillow slip in the most perfect and complimentary shade.

soft pink silk pillow case

silk pillow case

It looks adorable on my bed and I’m not gonna lie, theres definitely an element of princess-ness about it. My 6 year old niece was entirely enamoured with it when she visited last weekend having grown up on a healthy diet of disney princesses. Great endorsement, kudos points to me.

So does it live up to the hype? Absolutely. Just 2 weeks ownership and I am a convert.

I happily awake in the morning now, ‘sans’ map of the world etched onto my face.You know the sort of lines I mean, great gorges in the flesh that look like you’ve gone a few rounds with a grizzly bear during the night. Delightful! But no longer an issue thankfully thanks to my new silky friend.

silk pillow case

sleeping on pink silk pillow case

Hair is notably less frizzy, which lets face it, is a struggle any man, woman and child can do without in the mornings.

soft hair on silk pillow case

The pillow case is also surprisingly robust. I was a little worried that my night creams and hair masks might stain it, but so far so good. The pillow slip is as pristine as the day I brought it.

silk pillow case

Caring for your silk pillow case is simple too, it can be washed on a low delicate cycle or hand washed, it’ entirely up to you. I allow mine to air dry but you can always pop it in the drier on a cool setting.

Aside from the many beauty benefits of a silk pillow case, I’ve simply never slept more comfortably. A good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold.

Go and grab yourself a piece of this delicate and delectable action right here. At just £35.00 You won’t regret it.

Sleep tight

pink silk bedding

Amellia Mae

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