Lunch at Station Kitchen West Bay

on board the station kitchen west bay

All aboard! Grab a cup of tea folks, this is a bit of a long one.

Full steam ahead, we are headed for a delightful lunch at the Station Kitchen in beautiful West Bay.

West Bay

Now to get the star struck element out of the way, some of you may recognise West Bay as somewhat of a little celebrity. No? Perhaps if I called it by it’s stage name that would jog your memory… Broadchurch.

Yes West Bay is the beautiful coastal backdrop to the ITV series Broadchurch, which much to my and I’m sure many of you out there, dismay, has now concluded. Boohoo.

West Bay is positioned in the far West of Dorset and boasts a spectacular jurassic coastline. It is a beautiful spot to visit, families, couples, old and young, West Bay is a delightful seaside town with plenty to offer the day tripper. Once you have had your fill of soft scoop ice-cream, fish and chips and local freshly caught crab sandwiches, why not head on over to this little gem of a restaurant; I give you the ever so quirky and delectable Station Kitchen.

train carriage restaurant Station Kitchen

train carriage and station house Station Kitchen Westbay

Station Kitchen

As you can see the name really does give the game away. This original restaurant is set in a vintage train carriage on the platform of the old West Bay station. The Kitchen is of course housed in the station house (station kitchen…get it?) as is the bar and additional seating for diners.

The station Kitchen is the brainchild of  Sausage and Pear, an acclaimed catering company, providing fresh, local meat and produce for events across the South of England.

We arrived on a Friday at lunchtime and we were greeted by David the maitre’d. David told us all about the Station Kitchen, the original idea, and some interesting background. For instance the beautiful train carriage was bought and rescued from the Hollyoaks set designers in a bidding war on Ebay. It turns out  a much higher price was offered by the silver screen team, however, the seller went with Sausage and Pear when he learnt their plan to use it as a prop in a rather explosive scene! This story is all the more poignant when you step inside the carriage and realise what could have been wasted, had the Station Kitchen not got their clever hands on it.

So come on, lets go inside…

This Way vintage signGreat Western Railway Monogram on side of train carriage

on board the station kitchen west bay

interior of the Station Kitchen at West Bay

Stepping on board is quite literally breathtaking. I was expecting orient express type white linen and crystal but was utterly and happily surprised with the original eclectic interior.

Warm scrubbed wood nods to a happy marriage of the Wild West and a Nordic hideaway. Fur throws are mixed with decorative, bright and patterned cushions. Cut crystal glasses sit atop tables with un-matching but perfectly harmonised chairs. It really is an explosion of ideas that settles all together harmoniously.

Large clock on the wall of the carriage at the Station Kitchen

large round mirrors

There is so much to take in. It is like being in a warm and welcoming museum of artefacts. Only you can also enjoy some rather tasty food, right here amongst the exhibits!

interior decor of train coach

Interior details at the Station Kitchen West Bay

interior detailing

table for 2 at the station kitchen west bay

The interior is entertainment all on its own, but what we really came here to do was eat. Now food is something they do rather well here…

Menu flatlay

There is a choice at lunchtime of a set menu, you can enjoy 1, 2 or 3 courses.

We enjoyed the “sharing at the table” Bread plate

Station Kitchen Bread plate

Fresh and utterly delicious breads with dipping oil and velvet soft fragrant butter.

We skipped starters and jumped straight to the main event. Feast you eyes on this beauty…

Station Kitchen Dorset Pork Sour cream mash and cider sauce

I opted for the Fillet of Dorset Pork with a sour cream mash, mustard seed spring greens and a cider sauce. Delicious. The pork was a little tough for my liking but still completely enjoyable and the flavours were superb.

Mr AM opted for steak. What is it with men and steak?!

Station Kitchen food

Although I have to say it did look tasty.

We ordered a few sides, chips and purple sprouting broccoli. Both tasty and a great accompaniment to each of our meals.

chunky chips


plated up food at the Station Kitchen West Bay

sprinkling salt onto my diner

Dessert was an equally triumphant affair.

Mr AM opted for a deconstructed but delectable Grand Marnier and passionfruit cheesecake.

Deconstructed grand marnier and passionfruit cheesecake

I went for one of my favourites, Creme Brûlée because i’m loyal like that. This was a delicious Rhubarb version with a delicious and crumbly shortcake biscuit.

Rhubarb creme brûlée

desserts at the Station Kitchen

We were given an old book about the history of the station which Mr AM scrutinised whilst our food was digesting.

old book of history


The Station at West Bay old photo

I washed everything down with a few cocktails and then rolled myself out of the carriage onto the platform. I wanted a quick nose around the station of course.

drinking a cocktail aboard the train

The interior of the Station house is just as splendid and eclectic and characterful as the train carriage.

Station Kitchen bar interior

golden flamingo

Station Kitchen West Bay interior

Feeling completely inspired and full to bursting we left and made our way home along the winding dorset roads.

I would highly recommend a visit to the Station Kitchen at West Bay. Lunch, dinner or a few cocktails, whichever you decide, it will be a sure delight.

sitting outside the Station Kitchen


Amellia Mae

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