A Christmas Wish…List

a christmas wish...list

The season of merriment and giving is quite literally around the proverbial corner. Ive been asked umpteen times what I would like for Christmas and so here it is in all its hopeful glory. My Christmas with list…a girl can dream.

For stomping through the snow in the new year, these Dubarry Galway boots now come in a wide fit, hurrah! I’ve been coveting a pair of these boots for many years but my sizeable calf muscles (avec generous covering of blubber) have not been able to squeeze comfortably into the standard size. I’m (holly) jolly happy to see them in a more generous size for us, well covered girls.

durbarry Galway boots



This beautiful Lotuff leather tote is the sort of bag that makes you a minor celebrity. The type of accessory which, once you own it, people forever refer to you as  “the girl with the beautiful Lotuff tote bag”. Basically, I need this bag in my life. It featured in my recent post about winter fashion. I’m trying to will it into my life as you can see.

Lotuff Tote

With my Lotuff tote in hand and my Dubarry Galway boots on foot, I quite fancy wafting around in this rather decadent perfume from Armani.

Armani Prive Eau de Jade is a beautifully delightful fragrance, light, feminine and fresh

Eau de Jade, the reinterpretation of Eau de Cologne by Giorgio Armani, is magnificently refined thanks to the world’s finest bergamot fragrance: a fresh and subtle olfactory sensation from the Calabrian Bergamot. A masterpiece in lightness, this citrus perfume reflects the radiance of the Mediterranean mornings. Capricious and exclusive, bergamot is a citrus fruit of uncertain origin, a crossing of bitter orange and lemon. This particular variety of bergamot yields its finest fruit only to the Calabrian soil, on a narrow stretch of land on Italy’s Ionian coast. Eau de Jade cologne combines bergamot essence with Tunisian neroli, vetiver and Madagascar pepper in a softer, fresher, entirely new interpretation of a timeless classic.

There’s nothing not to like about it. I do hope santa leaves me a bottle under the Christmas tree.

Armani Prive Eau de Jade

And whilst I’ll be smelling like a goddess, I might as well wish for a few lovelies to make the homestead smell equally as scrumptious.

Diptyque features on my christmas list most years and Im a traditional girl. So here’s to tradition, and here are this years picks:

Diptyque Tubéreuse large candle

Diptyque coffret

The enormous Tubereuse may be little wishful thinking, but hey it is a wish list! And the delightful coffret is an excellent way of fragrance combining, whilst also enjoying a slight discount when buying the set.

Now to look as good as I’ll be feeling I’d need to book in to see avery good cosmetic surgeon. But thats a bit extreme so I’ll settle for these babies.

A vat of La Mer Moisturising soft cream will do nicely thank you very much! Have you tried this yet? Once you do you’ll struggle to use anything else, trust me. It’s like ironing your face, without the pain or 3rd degree burns of course.

I’ll follow up with a dusting of celestial magic from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting edit volume 3. Its miraculous, that is all.

La Mer moisturising soft cream

Hourglass ambient lighting edit volume 3

I’ll be needing something delectable to hold these beauties in and so I have added this beautiful Belgrave Crescent Saint Tropez zip Pouch to my wish list. It’s a romantic blush pink, butter soft pouch that, to be honest, I’ll probably just stare at more then I will actually use. But hey, I’ll be happy. Just me and my pink makeup bag. Like peas in a (pink)pod.

Belgrave Crescent Saint Tropez zip pouch


Now with all these beautiful items I’ll be needing a little extra help to share them with the virtual world so this super macro converter lens from Olympus will do nicely. This converter helps your current lens,  to capture more detail, close up, without having to buy a whole new lens. Genius!

Olympus micro converter po2

There’s something about Christmas that makes me insatiably wanting. I’ll curb my appetite with a few of this lovelies. SpaceNK gift vouchers.

SpaceNK gift cardOn the subject of vouchers, I can’t get enough of TK Maxx and Homesense. You may have hear me raving about my love for these stores before here.

I pretty much want everything in Anthropologie so I reckon the best thing to do would be to ask for gift vouchers…or for everything, I can’t decide.

I seem to be having a bit of an astrology renaissance recently. Ive always been intrigued by star signs and the uncanny quirks we seem to inherit being borne under a particular star formation and these delightful items from Etsy are adorable for any starry eyed dreamers.

Sagittarius picture 1, 2,3,4,pink sagittarius wall art


gold constellation print

3sagittarius print

4Gold foil adventure pic

Star sign cards box set

constellations cards

This jumper, because it is awesome

Sagittarius jumper

These sagittarius earrings. Because they too are awesome!

Sagittarius earrings

This bracelet by the beautiful and talented ohgoshem. You can find all her delightful works of art on her sight OhGoshSilver and inspiration on her instagram.

OhGoshSilver single pearl bracelet

Whilst we are on shiny pretty train, I also have this thing for anchors. I adore this one also from Etsy, which is a key ring. Fingers crossed I find it in my Christmas stocking this year.

Anchor key ring

These zodiac sign porcelain jewellery pots are pretty sweet too

Porcelain jewellery bowls star signs

Tis’ the season to be snuggly. I have added a few cosy pieces to the wish list. These delightful Boden pyjama bottoms will be delightful as will  the matching slippers.

Biden pink spot pyjamas christmas wish list

Biden pink pom pom slippers


Keeping things pink and beautiful, I’m a huge fan of Sophie Conran Portmerion Pink tableware. Unfortunately it is now discontinued but the keen eyed shopper can still pick up a few pieces here and there. So if anyone does happen to spot a piece of my favourite pink table ware, it will be extra roast potatoes for you on Christmas day!

Sophie Conran

Now I’ll be needing to send out sincere thanks if I am lucky enough to receive these or any gifts this Christmas. So I will be in need of this nifty personalised stamp. Is there anything more adorable?!

personalised stamp

“Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things”

Honestly I could be here until Christmas telling you all the beautiful things I would like – pun intended!

Tell me whats on your Christmas list??? Have I missed anything…

Amellia Mae

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