Spring Picnic at the Beach

serving salad at the beach picnic

The days are officially longer with the happy arrival of lighter, brighter evenings. The temperature is sneaking into the low to mid teens and there is the definite promise of spring, dare I even say summer, in the air.

At this time of year we are all chomping at the bit to get ourselves out and about, into the fresh air and sunshine. If like me your body is aching for some vitamin D, there is nowhere better to get your fix then at the seaside.

I packed up a basket and headed to my favourite spot at Studland. It was a sunny Tuesday, what better reason to celebrate and spend a few sunny hours breathing in the fresh sea air.

spring picnic at the beach

A picnic at the beach is a classic and one that we can enjoy at any time. Even in the depths of winter and dare I say it on a rainy day. So long as you pack accordingly, there really isn’t a day where you can’t enjoy a little bite beside the seaside. But of course, a hefty dose of brilliant sunshine never hurts!

eating focaccia

Luckily for me the weather has been unseasonally good and the day I headed to the beach was particularly splendid. Cloudless blue skies and miles of golden sand, almost all to myself.

sitting alone on the beach

alone on the beach

Studland is a beautiful spot here in Dorset, one which I have enjoyed and shared with you on a number of occasions. You can have a read about my other adventures if you like right  here and here.

I found a spot and unpacked. The wonderful thing about a picnic is that there are no rules. Just bring a long whatever you can carry and takes your fancy.

picnic at the beach

walking in the sand at the beach

On this particular day I fancied focaccia bread, smoked mackerel, a fresh salad and a cream tea for good measure. All washed down with a little rose lemonade. Delicious.

focaccia bread

smoked mackerel

green salad

fresh scones, cream and jam afternoon tea at the beach

I also packed the caffettiera, some fresh coffee and our little gas stove. Quite literally perfect.

fresh coffee at the beach

I whiled away a few hours eating and snoozing with the sounds of  my current favourite album”Lights” by Midnight Machines in the background. A beautiful melodic album, go have a listen here.

laying down with a glass of bubbles at the beach

drinking bubbles at the beach picnic

I ate and snoozed, then ate some more…

serving salad at the beach picnic

pouring a glass of bubbles

sitting with a glass of bubbles at the beach

The sky and the sea were the bluest I have seen so far this year. It was one of those perfect days. I’d had no real expectations of it, but it turned out to be completely and unexpectedly idyllic.

looking out to sea

If you’d like to while away a few hours on a beautiful expanse of beach, visit Studland, parking is mostly free along the road and you’ll have a short walk through the nature filled heathland to reach the beach. Dogs are welcome at certain times of the year and BBQ’s can be lit in designated areas. You can find toilet facilities at the the Ferry car park and again at Middle beach. The area is looked after by the National Trust and is kept beautifully pristine by a combination of their hard work and locals pride in this beautiful area. It really is worth a visit, any time of the year.

Amellia Mae


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